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Our Mission

Loving God:  As Christians our first and foremost call is to be in loving relationship with God - through prayer, Bible reading, participation in a local body of Believers, and attention to the Sacraments Christians develop a deeper relationship with God.

Loving One Another:  We are called to to live our lives as Christians in community. We are called to enter into the lives of other believers, this is most often done by joining together with other believers to form a Church, to support one another, and help each other learn an grow in their relationships with God.

Loving Our World:  The early disciples did not only seek relationship with Christ, and community with one another, but they were constantly moving and working to touch the people in their community and ultimately their world with the love they knew from God, and experienced through one another.

Our desire is by living God's love we are able to make Christ-like disciples. Reaching beyond our walls into our community and our world, taking the love of Christ with us into all the places we go.

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