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We Are A Serving Church

What We Do: 

As the body of Christ, we learn what it means to be disciples of Christ by doing the very things the early disciples and the early church did which made them disciples. We do our best to imitate the early believers in how we practice what it means to be the body iof Christ.  In doing so, we do our best to reach out to our community, the neighborhood and the city in which God has placed us. We want them to know the the love of Jesus Christ through us.  We work to share the love of Christ with our neighbors, the people of our city and our world by serving them, as Christ served the world. Our hope is that by being obedient servants, sharing the love of Jesus we will become better disciples of Jesus Christ and that seeds of the Gospel will be planted in our community and our world through us.  It is our hope that this will, with the grace of God and the movement of the Spirit, inspire other to join us and come to accept the love of Jesus and thus also become disciples. We do this by getting out of our building, and getting into our community to reach our world with the love of Jesus Christ.



Why We Do It:

Throughout the book of Acts we see the Church constantly going out into their neighborhoods, their cities and their world. They were always going to where the people were. Speaking to people in whatever language  made the most sense to them; which was usually the language of acts of service (as well as words); helping them, touching them, meeting their needs. Very little of these things happened at "church" or during worship services. These things happened out on a nearby hill, down by a river, in the courtyards, by the city gates, in the plazas. These things happened where the people lived, played and worked.  It is our goal to meet the needs of people in our community by going to where they live, play and work sharing the love of Christ through acts of service

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